Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The liberal Saskparty has called upon an old ally of theirs to push a new venture. The SaskParty recently announced a plan to spend $4 billion dollars on a plan to irrigate 500000 acres of farmland. This is the same plan that Mr Goodale has been lobbying for the last few years. In a letter to his supporters this week Mr Goodale took full credit for the government's interest.

Saskatchewan PC leader, Ken Grey, questioned the environmental impact downstream of this project and the cost of nearly $8000 per acre to taxpayers. "This government just announced their own Spudco project." said Grey. "Taxpayers should be concerned with the money this government is prepared to throw around without consideration for how it will be paid.

This should be a private initiative and government should be there to ensure water supply and the safety of that supply is upheld" Grey added
The PC leader doubts the government has consulted stakeholders such as the First Nations and Metis whose land could be impacted by the project. The SaskParty is struggling with discontentment in rural Saskatchewan and desperately latched onto Mr Goodales concept. "This tight relationship between the godfather in Saskatchewan Liberal politics and the Premiers office is abundantly visible with this project." concluded Grey.


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