Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


In just five months the cost of the South Regina bypass project has increased by $680 million dollars. “This is the equivalent of more than $600 for every person in the province.” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. “It was bad enough that the Wall Government increased the provincial debt by $700 million to pay for the bypass in the spring budget. Now, they have almost doubled that amount of debt in just 5 months and are only adding two new overpasses. How can one project increase by $136 million every month?” asked Swenson.

“On top of this, they have stopped work at Pinkie Road, leaving a twinned highway and a railway overpass going to nowhere.” added Swenson. “This portion of the bypass has been set aside until 2019. If this is how P3 projects are going to operate, then we need to find another process to manage the taxpayer’s money. The only consistency about this whole fiasco is that as total costs increase, the more money the Sask Party Government claims is being saved by the P3s.”

The Wall Government continues to claim they have selected the best location for the bypass, but as the costs continue to rise they still will not release the economic studies showing it actually is the best location. “What are they hiding?” asked Swenson.

“The safety considerations for the White City overpass have been known for years. The Sask Party government has been totally negligent in not proceeding with this bypass when they are prepared to leave a multi-million dollar highway to nowhere on the west side of the city. White City commuters have been held hostage to the government’s P3 philosophy.”

“The Wall Government is taking the rest of the people of this province for granted to satisfy the needs of their developer friends and the federal government and it’s the taxpayers of Saskatchewan who end up paying for their arrogance.”