Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, Ken Grey states that today’s Throne speech was simply an opportunity for the SaskParty to give themselves a pat on the back. “While there were some promises for help with our oil industry and some community projects there was very little for Saskatchewan residents” Ken said. “Where is the Saskparty’s promise to address the loss of several industries?”

“We have seen the death of the Film industry in Saskatchewan because the SaskParty cut the Film tax Credit, meanwhile hundreds of millions are spent in the film industry in Manitoba and Alberta. We have seen the Colonsay potash mine shut down because the SaskParty cut the Potash production tax credit during the toughest years for the potash industry and now we see the SaskParty destroying the solar industry. Thousands of jobs gone.” Grey stated. “The Throne Speech today was lacking any substance to assist a struggling rural Saskatchewan, Industry losses and health concerns. This SaskParty government has stated year after year that they would reduce surgical wait time and yet here they are promising it yet again” Grey said. “Instead they spent more time on LEAN which only cost the province money”.

Ken went on to say that while the Throne Speech was generally disappointing there were some very good commitments made by the government “Implementation of Clare’s Law is a commendable move. This will go a long way to preventable violence. Improving the enforcement of Maintenance orders, tougher penalties for cell phone use while driving and increased parental leave are good moves for the people of the province”
The SaskParty only stands up for the SaskParty and their friends.

The NDP can’t or won’t hold this government to task. It is time to elect a true conservative MLAs that will challenge this liberal style spending Saskparty to account for its deficits, bad policy and debt.


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