Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is once again calling on the Federal Government to make Canada competitive again and get projects like the Energy East Pipeline built. Progressive Conservative Party Leader Rick Swenson had this to say “with the recent events involving Canada and Saudi Arabia now more than ever the Federal Government has the social licence to get on with Energy East Pipeline and put Canadian jobs first” Mr. Swenson went on to say “Beside the obvious economic reason to build Energy East Pipeline why are we continuing to import oil from countries which do not respect the rule of law, does not respect female citizens have basic rights, and funds fundamentalist Jihadists’ worldwide when the solution is right in front of us. Mr. Swenson also had this to say, “From whom do we want to source our oil needs, from Canadian Provinces that pay into equalization or foreign dictatorships that use the funds to finance wars and their totalitarian regimes” Mr. Swenson said in closing, ”It is time to stop dealing with these Foreign Dictatorships that are driving the oil industry into chaos, wrecking our economy, and have no respect for basic human rights”