Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The PC Party of Saskatchewan is urging the Provincial Government to reconsider its infrastructure spending priorities outlined in their spending initiatives this week. Ken Grey, the Party leader, says the most urgent priority at the moment is to keep our major export industry's viable.

"I understand the need for this infrastructure investment' said Grey, "However, this current crisis in the oil patch and the continued slump in potash demands drastic action."

The Party is calling on the government to put a temporary halt on oil royalties, a moratorium on property taxes on our refineries, and further cuts to the massive sales taxes that exist in our province.

Deputy PC leader Shaun Harris says he is hearing extreme concern from the oil patch with the sharp decline in oil prices the past two weeks. "This government must set aside its political agenda and do what's right to help business get through this economic disaster " said Harris.

Grey concluded saying the infrastructure spending is needed however the provinces continued participation in the New West Trade Partnership means the infrastructure dollars will not necessarily go to Saskatchewan companies nor Saskatchewan workers.

Our plan will do just that!

Ken Grey
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