Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Ken Grey, Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan statement on Prime Minister Trudeau's unparliamentary gun ban:

This week our Prime Minister took direct aim at legal law abiding gun owners. The Progressive Conservative party of Saskatchewan stands unequivocally against this ban. This decision was not put through the House of Commons and was not fairly debated.

We feel that the $600 million in compensation being offered to owners of the now banned guns would be better spent on gang reduction strategy, poverty reduction, better border security, tougher sentencing for weapon offences and better access to services for mental health and addictions. We can say without any doubt that there will be no line up of criminals handing over their illegally acquired guns.

It should be further noted that the ban does not include hand guns, the weapon of choice for gangs and used in most crimes involving weapons. The ban is only intended to place punitive measures against lawful Canadians and does nothing to address any real solutions.

We stand with Saskatchewan gun owners in stating that this is a gross overstep of our federal government and we will be sending our parliamentarians our message of support for our Saskatchewan gun owners.

Ken Grey

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