Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


For release September 24th, 2019


Progressive Conservative party leader Ken Grey wants to know why the Saskparty ended the net metering program while Saskatchewan rate payers are stuck with the second highest power bills in the country. Add in provincial fees and taxes and the carbon tax and we are likely sitting higher up with the most expensive power bills in Canada.

“In this province we have a runaway spending liberal style government and an ineffective opposition that is unable to hold this government in check. The result is more taxes, less funding programs and resources, burgeoning debt and most of our project spending heading out of province.” Leader Ken Grey said.

“We finally have in place a program to help families and businesses save a few dollars and even make a few dollars and the government ends it because it is too popular?” Grey questioned. “Its just another sign of a government who played fast and loose with our money and now can’t let even a few dollars slip away. The message, to the people of this province, coming from our government is simple. You can’t make it in Saskatchewan unless you can pay the ever-inflating cost of living.”

“Minister Duncan’s promise of a new program to be in place as quickly as possible raises the question of what was wrong with the cancelled program?” Ken asked. “It just comes down to either poor planning or greed. Otherwise the net metering program would have continued its full course.”

While the NDP and Saskparty simply take political shots at each other, the Progressive Conservatives are talking about establishing power cogeneration projects, nuclear expansion, and opening new markets for Saskatchewan business. We are talking about plans to make life more affordable for Saskatchewan families and solving real life issues for rural Saskatchewan. We need Progressive Conservatives in the legislature to keep these tired old-line parties honest.

“It is simply becoming harder and harder for families to make it in this province. There is no one standing up for Saskatchewan families. Its time to elect PC MLAs to hold this SpendParty to account”. Grey said.


For more information contact:
Ken Grey, Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan
(306) 306-690-4959