Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


“Once again, the Sask Party government is showing their arrogance and short-sightedness by conditionally approving the Yancoal Potash Mine Project near Southey and having total disregard for the taxpayers of this province.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The Sask Party decision is very narrow in scope. Instead of showing leadership by addressing many of the concerns of the local residents, they offload the responsibility to the RM of Longlaketon and members of the community, who don’t have the clout the provincial government would have in these negotiations. Yancoal has already displayed an unwillingness to work with many of the local residents and I don’t foresee this decision changing that.”

“Concerns over the location of the proposed mine raise many other concerns not addressed by the government’s decision. Issues around the location of the mine, traffic near the mine site, location of pipelines, railroads and other major conveyances to the mine are just a few of the concerns not properly addressed.”

“This is a vibrant agricultural community with many active landowners living in the project area. Many of these residents are concerned about impacts to the Hatfield Valley Aquifer, mine salts blowing onto surrounding agricultural land, and the huge exemption for the purchase of farmland. Plus many residents still worry about the ability to co-exist and carry out their business and way of life near the mine. From the community’s perspective, these concerns have not yet been adequately addressed by Yancoal.”

Swenson said, “Instead of delaying any decision until all concerns could be addressed the government gave people an extra 15 days to read and understand more than 3200 pages of technical material, and claim they are listening to the taxpayers.”

“China is also one of the largest purchasers of Saskatchewan potash. It doesn’t make sense to give your best customers the keys to the store. In addition to being one of our customers, the government has continuously ignored the fact that Yancoal is a Chinese state-owned company. Are they building the mine for our benefit or theirs?”

“Time and again, the government has been presented with reasons the Yancoal Project in Southey should not go forward, and each time the government refuses to support the taxpayers of Saskatchewan, and instead sides with a state-owned company who does not have Saskatchewan’s best interest at heart.”

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