Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is happy to announce that the hyperbaric chamber will now be moved to the new Moose Jaw Regional Hospital. “The Sask Party government finally caved in to public pressure put on them by the Moose Jaw Firefighters Association, local organizations, and the good people of Moose Jaw and district who had their message taken to the legislative assembly by the official opposition and others. Congratulations to all of the people who wrote letters to the premier and Sask Party MLAs who claimed that this medical service wasn’t appreciated by the people of Moose Jaw and the province as a whole. These people all saw what the government seemed unable to see, and that was that the hyperbaric chamber deserved to be in the new regional hospital” stated Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, after reviewing the Farmland Ownership online survey, feels that the survey could possibly sell out all of Saskatchewan’s farm land.

“The survey has the capability to allow non-Saskatchewan input that could cause the Sask Party government to change all the rules and allow unlimited corporate and foreign investment” said Party Leader Rick Swenson. “The very first question includes the choice ‘Resident of a country outside of Canada.’ Does this mean that any person in the world can complete the survey? Doesn’t this mean any foreign investor in the world with his eye on Saskatchewan farm land can fill in the survey in favor of foreign investment?” added Swenson. He went on to say, “You don’t even have to identify yourself if you don’t wish to. How will they limit the survey to one person, one response?”

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is expressing their utter disappointment in the government’s decision to limit the Farmland Ownership Review to an online survey. “By only allowing the survey to be completed online, the government is neglecting a portion of the population who do not have access to the internet or who do not feel comfortable expressing their personal opinions online” stated Party Leader Rick Swenson. “There are older farm families who have strong feelings on this issue who will attend public meetings to listen to their neighbour’s opinions and the opinions of government representatives, but will not take the time to sit in front of a computer answering predetermined government questions” added Swenson. “Our office has already received e-mails and phone calls expressing displeasure with this process.”