Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


The Havelock Special Projects Committee held a meeting in Earl Grey Thursday, January 28. The meeting was attended by over 200 area residents. The title for their meeting was “Potash: Let’s Take the Time to Get It Right”.

The committee presented an informative and open discussion on a number of key issues surrounding the development of the proposed Yancoal Potash Mine in the Southey/Earl Grey area. The objective of the meeting was to present a view point alternative to that of the developer for the community to consider.

The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled that the federal government has not provided the same level of funding for child welfare services on reserves that exist elsewhere.

“The Tribunal’s decision is the right one and it must be heeded by the new Liberal Government.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. “I think most would agree this decision is common sense and I wonder why this was even an issue in the first place.”

Tim Atchison of Lintlaw, Saskatchewan is pleased to announce he will be seeking nomination for the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan to be their candidate in the Kelvington - Wadena Constituency for the provincial election to be held April 4, 2016.

Mr. Atchison was born and raised in The Pas, Manitoba. He worked for his father’s trucking business, until he decided to go into business for himself. He started a successful septic service business, and eventually expanded to include snow removal and landscaping. He moved to Saskatchewan in 2008, and settled in Lintlaw in 2009.

"After several months of consideration, meeting with Party Executive members and local residents, I have decided to seek election to the Saskatchewan Legislature in the riding of Last Mountain-Touchwood", said PC Leader Rick Swenson.

"I have been meeting and talking on the phone with residents of this constituency for many months about the problems confronting this area of Saskatchewan and the lack of effective representation by their current MLA. Last Mountain-Touchwood has been hit particularly hard by years of flooding, deteriorating road and highway infrastructure and indifference to health and housing needs of seniors.

The horrific car crash on Highway 11, north of Saskatoon on the weekend, which resulted in the loss of an entire family of four, points a finger directly at the Wall Government’s misplaced priorities.

The Highway 11 and Wanuskewin Road intersection has been a scene of repeated tragedy for years and yet the Wall Government has built a 100 million dollar Highway to Nowhere on the west side of Regina, which won’t be driven on until 2019. This road to nowhere is part of the 2 billion dollar South Regina Bypass boondoggle provincial taxpayers are funding over the next 30 years.

“Mineral rights holders in Saskatchewan, whose lands are included in the potash restricted drilling areas, are being treated unfairly by the Sask Party Government.” says P.C. Leader Rick Swenson.

“Potash companies have convinced the government that oil and gas development cannot co-exist with potash mining in its various forms for safety reasons. This law, brought in by the NDP government of the late 1990s and perpetuated by the Sask Party, was done with no public consultation and no thought to advances in drilling technology.” added Swenson who is a former minister of Energy and Mines. “Potash companies coming to Saskatchewan to mine our resources know of our respect for freehold mineral rights. They should not be able to hide behind the government to avoid that respect and pay appropriate compensation to rights holders.”

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce Merv Malish as their candidate for the Canora Pelly constituency in the next provincial election. Merv was acclaimed at a nomination meeting held last night in the Stenen town hall.