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With the October 2nd consultation deadline quickly approaching, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on both Prime Minister Trudeau and Finance Minister Morneau to show some common sense when it comes to the Federal Governments proposed tax changes.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson said, “As Canadians, we have always prided ourselves on having an income tax system which provided the necessary funds to make our society what it is today.  

We've also believed that it is good for people who are risk-takers to succeed and by succeeding, provide employment opportunities for other Canadians. For decades, small businesses and farmers have been managing under the tax rules that are available, allowing them to be innovators, risk-takers, investing in our economy, creating jobs for Canadians, and most importantly, giving them the opportunity to pass on their farms and businesses to the next generation”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “however, the reality is that there are those businesses, which are driven to incorporate primarily on advice from their accountants and tax lawyers. I would suggest this is where the government's "one-size-fits-all" approach to tax reform is badly thought out.  For example, comparing doctors, dentists, lawyers and accountants where intergenerational transfer is usually not an issue, to farmers and small businesses, is a wrong-headed approach in my view”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said, “If the Prime Minister and Minister of Finance truly want fairness in our tax system, then they should have the courage to set their sights on those sectors and categories of people who may have an unfair advantage and not target our farmers and small businesses unfairly.”


The Global Transportation Hub (GTH) has officially now moved from a scandalous Sask Party nightmare to a taxpayer catastrophe and perhaps the greatest financial boondoggle in Saskatchewan’s history.  Yesterday’s revelations that the GTH is unable to pay its debts and is generating approximately 90 percent less revenue than budgeted year over year was a surprise to some but not to the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

“Unfortunately for the taxpayers of this province, the PC Party has to say “we told you so” on this one.  During the 2016 election, we told the media and voters of Saskatchewan that the GTH along with many P3 projects (including Regina and Saskatoon’s new joint use schools) were paid for with money we couldn’t afford to borrow”, said Rick Swenson, Leader of the PC Party.  Mr. Swenson went on to say, “We knew during the election and it’s even more evident today that the Sask Party has been dishonest for years about the true state of Saskatchewan’s finances.”

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling for the immediate of release of the appraisal at the centre of GTH land scandal.

“After reading the content of an email between former Minister of the Economy, Bill Boyd, Deputy Minister, Laurie Pushor and the Premier’s Chief of Staff, Joe Donlevy, everyone in the province, especially the five individuals who are now seeking the Premier’s chair, should be disturbed by the creative accounting used to waste millions of taxpayer dollars at the GTH”, said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “For months the Sask Party Government has been saying that the plan to hugely overpay for GTH land was based on an appraisal that the seller had presented. It is now clear, that the appraisal was used to justify a price that had been already determined, a process that even the Canadian Taxpayer Federation called a “cart before the horse problem” and something that Premier Wall would have been fully aware of. In the email released yesterday, the players involved even admit that the appraisal would likely see “push back” for the methodologies used, making the appraisal’s release even more critical”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said “yesterday, former Justice Minister Wyant said that, if he became Premier, he would call for a full inquiry into the GTH land scandal. Why wait? I challenge Mr. Wyant and other Sask Party Leadership candidates to demand that Premier Wall and Justice Minister Morgan initiate an immediate judicial inquiry into the GTH, one with the power to subpoena all records, including the appraisal in question.

Public Trust is critical for any government and in the case of the GTH land scandal, that trust has been broken. An out of province lead, judicial inquiry would be a positive first step in restoring that trust and begin the process of renewal that the Premier is calling for”.

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For more information call Rick Swenson at (306) 631-5461 

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is asking for the resignation of Premier Wall, after learning the truth concerning the Global Transportation Hubs conflict of interest rulings.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson stated, “Yesterday was a sad and troubling day for Saskatchewan voters. First, we learned that Former Minister Boyd was facing charges related to his irrigation investment scheme.  Then, later we learned even more troubling news, which should concern us all.

For months the Premier and his Ministers have been saying that former Minister Boyd had been cleared by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner of any conflict of interest concerns surrounding the GTH land scandal.

In a February 2016 article, two months before the general election, Mr. Boyd said he approached the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, who ruled in his favour. At that time Premier said he supported Mr. Boyd. In May of 2016, when asked in about the Conflict of Interest ruling, Premier Wall is quoted as saying, “When there were concerns about the individuals involved in the transaction side of the issue, the minister of his own volition went to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and the Conflict of Interest Commissioner wrote … ‘I can state unequivocally that you, the minister, are not in breach of The Members’ Conflict of Interest Act”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “We know now that this was simply not true. The Conflict of Interest Commissioner was never asked to give an opinion related to any specific GTH land purchases, he was only asked by Mr. Boyd for an opinion on his Kindersley farmland arrangement, with one of the men involved in the GTH land deals. It is clear that the voters of Saskatchewan were lied to before the election, impacting their decision on the ballot, and have been lied to again after the election”.

Swenson concluded, “Public Trust is paramount for any government, with his actions and that of his government, Premier Wall has breached that Public Trust and confidence. I am calling upon him to do the honourable thing and resign as Premier immediately”.

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In light of the Conflict of Interest Commissioner’s ruling and the release of CBC Saskatchewan’s troubling video on former Minister Boyd’s Chinese Irrigation investment scheme, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding that Premier Wall appoint an independent, out of province, review all of Mr. Boyd’s business deals and relationships.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson stated, “This morning the Premier shuffled the deck of tired Ministers and we learn that the new Minister of Justice will be Don Morgan. Since the GTH scandal broke, there has been a steady stream of praise and support offered by the Premier and Cabinet colleagues for the actions of Mr. Boyd, including the support of Minister Morgan.  In fact, in 2009 when more legal questions were being raised about Mr. Boyd, our new Minister of Justice called it a “drive–by smear campaign” against Mr. Boyd.  Any review of Mr. Boyd’s actions can’t have the slightest hint of partisan politics, and why it is imperative that it be conducted outside of the Ministry of Justice”.

Swenson continued, “Today, more than ever, it is clear that the only way to get to the bottom of all of this is to appointment an investigator with the power to subpoena people and their financial records. This would simply not happen with an internal, Ministry of Justice review”.

Swenson concluded, “For years now, Premier Wall has not only supported Mr. Boyd’s questionable actions, he has enabled him to continue to do so. Before he leaves, the Premier must do the right thing and call for an independent review”. Taxpayers have a right to know the truth”.

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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on Former Minister Boyd to resign his seat in the Saskatchewan Legislature immediately.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson said, “this morning, the Conflict of Interest Commissioner stated that Mr. Boyd “inaccurately represented the involvement of the government of Saskatchewan in this irrigation project and that his actions on Chinese business dealings fell below standards expected of an MLA”. 

 Mr. Swenson went on to say “given the controversy surrounding Mr. Boyd and the GTH, this ruling by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner should not come as a surprise to the Premier or anyone else in Saskatchewan.  One has to question the judgment of the Premier for agreeing to sign Mr. Boyd’s nomination papers for the 2016 General Election.

 Grant Schmidt, P.C. Party President and a former Minister of Justice, questioned, “Who is the current Minister of Justice the Premier is referring this Boyd conflict to?” Schmidt said, “all Boyd matters should be referred to an out of province prosecutor.”

 In conclusion Mr. Swenson said “the PC Party believes that given the ruling by Justice Barclay, Mr. Boyd must do the honourable thing and resign his seat today and not wait until September 1st. Mr. Boyd should not expect the taxpayer to pay his way any longer”.    

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Before Premier Wall leaves office, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is once again demanding that he immediately launch a Judicial Review into the goings on at the Global Transportation Hub.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson stated, “Last fall, in two separate new releases, the PC Party of Saskatchewan called for an investigation by an out of province, special prosecutor, one with the ability to conduct a full forensic audit, including the judicial power to subpoena people and their financial records.  In the past the Department of Justice has worked with other jurisdictions to provide this necessary service to each other. The PC Party believes that this process is the only way the complete truth will be revealed about the GTH scandal”. 


Justice Minister Wyant initially “red flagged” conflict of interest concerns surrounding the GTH land deal, only to cave into the political pressures and allow the deal to proceed anyway. With his eye now focused on the Sask Party Leadership, it is clear that neither Mr. Wyant, nor anyone else in Sask Party Government can be trusted to get the real answers at the GTH and this is why an out of province investigator is needed.

Swenson continued, “The events of the past few days have been incredible to watch, and re-enforce the need for a judicial inquiry.  Both the Premier and former Minister responsible for the GTH, Mr. Boyd are resigning, new troubling allegations against Mr. Boyd have surfaced  and just yesterday,  Former Minister “No Wrong doing Here” Harrison, threw both the Premier and Mr. Boyd under the GTH bus, even while still refusing to see the need for any further investigation. Enough is simply enough”.

Swenson concluded, “Premier Wall says it is “time for renewal”, well calling for a judicial inquiry at the GTH would be a great place for renewal to begin. I call upon Premier Wall to do the right thing, regardless of how politically uncomfortable it may be for the Premier, Justice Minister Wyant, or for all others who are out to replace him. Taxpayers have a right to know the truth and justice must be served”.

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