Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


David Prokopchuk of Saskatoon has announced his intention to seek the nomination to be the Progressive Conservative candidate in the Saskatoon Fairview Constituency by-election. The date for this by-election has not yet been set.

Mr. Prokopchuk runs his own financial services business and has lived in Saskatoon for more than 40 years. David has a degree in political science and economics from the University of Saskatchewan. He worked for Saskatoon Light and Power for 27 years. David is active in the community. He is the chairman of Ukrainian Day in the Park and Provincial President of the Ukrainian Self Reliance Association. He has played an active role in many other community organizations including the Alzheimer’s Society, the Canadian Lung Association and the MS Society. He is a firm believer in the democratic process. In 2004, David was part of a Canadian government-sponsored delegation of observers for the special presidential election in Ukraine to help ensure a democratic process took place. Again in 2012, David was selected as one of 60 long term observers selected from over 1500 applicants. It was the first time Canada had its own long term observation mission.

“The Sask Party government’s announcement of the ten member board of directors for the new Saskatchewan Health Authority shows once again this government has very little respect for the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. Where are the new ideas and where are the new people?” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The PC Party campaigned on the elimination of the Health Regions to bring Ministerial accountability back to health care. Instead the Sask Party Government has chosen to put an entity between the Minister and the people of Saskatchewan’s health needs. The Sask Party has once again recycled supporters from other Order in Council appointments to oversee our biggest budget item and most pressing need.”

All ten members of this board were appointed without any input from the public. The Minister announced the names of the board of directors without any background information about their qualifications and experiences which would tell the public why they are suitable to serve on this board and neglected to mention that most are Sask Party donors.”

“If the time comes when things are going sideways in health care, will these people be prepared to stand up to the government and force them to do the right thing? Are these board members prepared to resign if the government refuses to listen to reason, or will they agree to support every whim of this government as previous boards did with the Lean program and John Black and associates blowing our money?”

Swenson concluded, “Saskatchewan’s largest budget item deserves more respect than this appointment process by this Sask Party government and the health of Saskatchewan’s residents deserves ministerial accountability not recycled party friendly board members running political interference for the government.”

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The Wall government’s mismanagement of our economy continues to grow along with the debt and as this budget shows, Mr. Wall really doesn’t know how to fix the problems he has created and has resorted to desperate measures.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson said, “Their inability to properly forecast resource revenue over the last ten years has meant the Wall government was spending money they did not have. Every year when they found out the money wasn't there to balance the budget, they tried to blame it on slumping commodity prices. Instead of having a long-term vision to value-add our economy, the Sask Party has tried a piece meal solution to fixing the problems and are now making cuts to spending without thinking of the long term effects of those cuts.

The Progressive Conservative Alternative has called the Saskatchewan Party budget devious and mean spirited. Grant Schmidt speaking as P.C. Party President said, “any fool can govern in a boom; it takes wisdom and empathy to manage a bust.”

The P.C.s say it was mean spirited to the low income residents of 253 rural towns to wipe out their bus and freight service.

The Progressive Conservative Party recommends Brad Wall should wear Flip Flops to his 2017 budget. Grant Schmidt speaking as the President of the P.C. Party said, “The P.C. Party’s worst fear that Brad Wall would blow the great commodities boom has come true.”

Brad Wall has flipped on Government spending and flopped on fiscal management. For 27 years the P.C. Party has advocated structural change to our tax system. The P.C. Party has been consistent in pointing out cyclical commodities prices are not reliable in sustaining our health, education, and social services systems.

David Prokopchuk, the PC Candidate in the Saskatoon Meewasin By-election is calling for Brad Wall to stop hiding evidence on the Regina Global Transportation Hub (GTH) scandal.

A February 8th, 2017, CBC report shows proof Saskatchewan Highways had appraised land at $30,000.00 to $35,000.00 per acre which was later purchased by the GTH for $103,000.00 per acre. The CBC report relies on the information from a former Highways Land Branch Director who quit in frustration after the GTH purchase.

CBC reports “someone, whose name was redacted in obtained documents, was arguing that the land was worth closer to $50,000.00 an acre.”

Despite an overwhelming majority of submissions rejecting the idea of further school board amalgamations, the Sask Party government is suggesting they may ignore the will of the people and move forward with province wide amalgamation.

“This shows that the Sask Party government is once again taking the taxpayers of Saskatchewan for granted.” That is the opinion of PC Leader, Rick Swenson. “The Sask Party feels their support is so strong they can ignore the people of this province. I think the upcoming by-election is going to show that is not the case.”