Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Cabinet Minister Bill Boyd has announced he is stepping down from cabinet before the expected cabinet shuffle later this month. “Before he steps down, Mr. Boyd should provide some answers to the taxpayers of Saskatchewan.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

“With all the questionable dealings Mr. Boyd has been involved with, the taxpayers of Saskatchewan deserve some answers. I am sure the taxpayers would like to know who was the special advisor, identified in the Auditor’s Report, who negotiated the Global Transportation Hub deal with the land speculators. The residents of Saskatchewan deserve to know exactly what kind of deal Mr. Boyd negotiated with Yancoal when he travelled to China in 2014.”

“There are many questions that remain unanswered about the Carbon Capture boondoggle and the Smart metre Fiasco. Perhaps now that Minister Boyd is stepping down he would like to answer them.”

“If Mr. Boyd is not willing to step forward and answer to the people of Saskatchewan, then the Premier should be responsible to answer for the mismanaged affairs of his minister.”

“The Sask Party government mismanaged the boom, and is now desperately searching for ways to claw back some of the money they have wasted. The taxpayers deserve to know what happened to the billions of dollars lost under the not-so-watchful eye of Minister Boyd.”

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“Once again, the Sask Party government is showing their arrogance and short-sightedness by conditionally approving the Yancoal Potash Mine Project near Southey and having total disregard for the taxpayers of this province.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The Sask Party decision is very narrow in scope. Instead of showing leadership by addressing many of the concerns of the local residents, they offload the responsibility to the RM of Longlaketon and members of the community, who don’t have the clout the provincial government would have in these negotiations. Yancoal has already displayed an unwillingness to work with many of the local residents and I don’t foresee this decision changing that.”

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on both the Federal Government and the Government of Manitoba to reverse the layoffs and keep the Port of Churchill open.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson stated “The Port of Churchill is important for all of Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau must work with the Manitoba government to keep this port open. If the rail line is not capable of supporting current hopper car weights, government needs to work with the current carrier to solve the problems to keep the tracks open.”

Many of the PC Party budget predictions from the 2016 election campaign unfortunately came true yesterday. The long-delayed Sask Party budget adds $1.4 billion in debt to the people of this province and gives nothing in return except more wasteful spending on Sask Party megaprojects like the South Regina Bypass.

Saskatchewan now has a structural deficit which will not be erased in the term of this government and we have no new long-term job creation opportunities for all of the money being spent. Newly-elected governments should be prepared to bring forward new vision and a renewed energy to lead this province over the next four years. The Sask Party has settled for the status quo instead of leading by example.

“The decision by Earl’s restaurant to import beef from a Kansas supplier is very disappointing to Saskatchewan farmers.” That is the opinion of the PC Party’s agriculture critic, John Goohsen.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan has determined some of their critic responsibilities during a caucus meeting held this past weekend in Moose Jaw.

The PC Party Opposition has found the missing rural highways budget in the dirt of the Regina bypass and in the pockets of the Sask Party friends and land speculators. PC Leader, Rick Swenson said “the proof was found in the now old 2015 budget where $211 million of the highways capital budget was allocated to the Regina bypass.”