Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party



“With the economy faltering and the budget deficit growing, the Sask Party government let its ideology overrule common sense and allows more of our money to leave Saskatchewan.” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“Every new liquor store awarded in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw, Yorkton, Melville and the Battlefords were given to companies that are not based in Saskatchewan. Instead, the money from those stores will go to the Maritimes, British Columbia and Alberta. Saskatchewan entrepreneurs have been selling liquor for decades in conjunction with the government run SLGA stores. Those profits both private and public stayed in Saskatchewan. The Sask Party is now ensuring that tens of millions will leave this province.”

In a news release dated October 17, 2016, the PC Party of Saskatchewan called on Premier Wall to refer the GTH case to Alberta Justice as has been the past procedure in cases of potential conflict of interest by members of a Saskatchewan government.

Yesterday, Sask Party MLAs on the Public Accounts Committee voted to defeat a motion to invite former GTH CEO John Law, interim CEO Chris Dekker and current Deputy Minister Laurie Pushor to speak before the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions surrounding the GTH land deal. These individuals must be questioned under oath to see what they know about the over $21 million of taxpayer's money spent on this deal. Over $11 million of that went to two individuals who have business relationships or political relationships with the former Minister and are Sask Party donors.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased announce the conclusion of another successful Annual General Meeting and convention. They worked through a full agenda of current issues and started laying the groundwork for the party’s next four years.

The membership in attendance took the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. There was some review of the past election campaign as well as discussion to set direction for the future.

During the PC Party of Saskatchewan's Annual General Meeting today, Rick Swenson announced that he has asked the President and Executive of the Party to call a leadership convention prior to the next Saskatchewan general election.

"I have been Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan for more than 10 years and have decided it is time for me to step down and let new leadership take the PC Party to the next level. The political landscape of Saskatchewan is changing on a daily basis and with new leadership occurring with most or all of Saskatchewan's other political parties, it is imperative that the PC Party be part of this political renewal. I have had the privilege of serving the PC Party in various positions most of my adult life. I do not intend to stop serving the PC Party of Saskatchewan. It will be simply in a different role", added Swenson.


The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased to announce they will be hosting their Annual General Meeting (AGM) and policy meeting at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa in Moose Jaw, SK, Saturday November 5, 2016.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson stated, “We are looking forward to members from across the province attending, and we are looking forward to a successful AGM. In addition to the AGM we will be holding policy discussions in preparation for the 2020 election.”

This morning PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson, hand delivered a letter to the Commercial Crime Division of the RCMP providing information for further investigation into the Global Transportation Hub Land Deal.

Mr. Swenson stated “The PC Party has been asking for a judicial inquiry from the beginning of this situation. We know the RCMP is actively investigating some aspects of the situation, but we want to bring other aspects to their attention.”

A copy of the letter accompanies this news release.

In light of new evidence coming forward the PC Party of Saskatchewan is renewing its call for a judicial inquiry into the land deal which saw the Global Transportation Hub spend $103,000 per acre for land west of Regina. It is also imperative that a forensic audit of the more than $21 million of taxpayer’s money that was spent on this land deal take place.

After receiving complaints about the Regina Bypass from concerned taxpayers, the PC Party several years ago began tracking down the apparent waste and land speculation that was occurring at the GTH. The PC Party turned over the evidence it had garnered to the CBC in 2015, as the CBC has far more resources to adequately investigate the allegations. The public is well aware that the CBC has been sued by Mr. Boyd and has been stonewalled by the Sask Party government and the GTH management on the questions they have been asking about this land deal.