Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party

Welcome to the Progressive Conservative Party


Brad Wall has no budget for 2016. The PC Opposition has discovered documents that prove the Sask Party’s P3 projects make it impossible to balance the budget in the next 4 years. (The documents are available at the Sask. Builds website except for those classified as secret.)

Ontario greenhouse operators have just received $350,000 from the Growing Forward II Program to promote greenhouse produced products in the U.S. Food market.

The release of Prime Minister Trudeau’s first budget confirms that the Federal Liberals are big spenders. The deficit Canadians will have to pay has grown by $29.4 billion. When you divide that by 36 million Canadians, that’s $817 per capita of new debt this year alone.

The debate Wednesday night between 2 of the 5 political Party Leaders does not and will not serve the interests of democracy or even provide good theatre. The debate between Mr. Wall and Mr. Broten is old news. Mr. Broten has not held the Sask Party accountable until now so why would Wednesday night be any different?

PC Leader Rick Swenson will be answering the questions posed by panelists and the public via social media as the evening unfolds.

Party Leader Rick Swenson was interviewd by John Gormley yesterday. Click here to download and listen to the interview. It may take a while to download, but should start playing when finished.

The PC Party of Saskatchewan believes there are made-in Saskatchewan policies which can help in many ways. Communities around the province continue to struggle with the cost of facility operation. Their electrical, natural gas and insurance costs continue to escalate out of control.

From day one of this election campaign, the PC Party of Saskatchewan has been abundantly clear on what needs to occur in our health system in order to bring accountability back to the people it serves.