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During the PC Party of Saskatchewan's Annual General Meeting today, Rick Swenson announced that he has asked the President and Executive of the Party to call a leadership convention prior to the next Saskatchewan general election.

"I have been Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan for more than 10 years and have decided it is time for me to step down and let new leadership take the PC Party to the next level. The political landscape of Saskatchewan is changing on a daily basis and with new leadership occurring with most or all of Saskatchewan's other political parties, it is imperative that the PC Party be part of this political renewal. I have had the privilege of serving the PC Party in various positions most of my adult life. I do not intend to stop serving the PC Party of Saskatchewan. It will be simply in a different role", added Swenson.

Rick was first elected to the Legislature in 1985 as the MLA for Thunder Creek and then re-elected in 1986 and 1991. In the Legislature he served as Legislative Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and became Minister of several portfolios including Minister of Energy and Mines, Minister Responsible for SEDCO and the Minister of Indian and Metis Affairs. Mr. Swenson served as Acting Leader of the Opposition in 1993 and 1994 and also served as Leader of the PC Party of Saskatchewan during that time. Rick retired from the Legislature in 1995. He came out of political retirement in 2006 when the PC Party ended its two election hiatus and has lead the Party ever since.

In his address to the delegates attending the AGM, Rick said, "It has been a privilege to keep the PC Party name in the public's eye in spite of tough electoral times and having to fight the backroom boys of the Sask Party to regain control of the PC Party trust funds. These trust funds were put in place many years ago by our predecessors to ensure that future generations would have the wherewithal to present the PC Party vision of how Saskatchewan should prosper in the future. I am pleased to say that the battle has been won and now the PC Party can move forward to a new beginning and once again govern this province."

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