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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased announce the conclusion of another successful Annual General Meeting and convention. They worked through a full agenda of current issues and started laying the groundwork for the party’s next four years.

The membership in attendance took the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics. There was some review of the past election campaign as well as discussion to set direction for the future.

The membership discussed the changing landscape of crime and law enforcement in the province and how to give taxpayers the most value for their tax dollars. The membership made a motion to investigate the possibilities of creating a Provincial Police Force.

The membership also discussed the issues surrounding carbon taxing and carbon creation. While the debate was lively the most important takeaway came from Party Leader Rick Swenson who noted that it’s difficult to move forward until we can determine a market price for carbon. He continued by pointing out the PC Party have been creating policies to clean up the environment, promote food security and energy efficiency. The PC Party will continue to work toward those goals and will comment on the carbon tax situation after the federal government has their policy in writing.

Those in attendance were also treated to very interesting and informative speakers. Both were brought to the conference to further the PC Party’s waste heat initiative which we put forward in the 2016 campaign. Tom Kenny, from Imaginea Energy spoke on the many innovative ways Imaginea has been trying to reduce the carbon footprint in the field of oil production. Tom was followed by Brooke Longpre of Sound Solar Systems. She talked about solar panel industry and the ways it could be used. A panel discussion followed their presentations where members could ask the speakers questions and state opinions.

Party President Grant Schmidt stated “This AGM is the next step in our rebuilding party working towards the day we will form government once again.”

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