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In a news release dated October 17, 2016, the PC Party of Saskatchewan called on Premier Wall to refer the GTH case to Alberta Justice as has been the past procedure in cases of potential conflict of interest by members of a Saskatchewan government.

Yesterday, Sask Party MLAs on the Public Accounts Committee voted to defeat a motion to invite former GTH CEO John Law, interim CEO Chris Dekker and current Deputy Minister Laurie Pushor to speak before the Public Accounts Committee to answer questions surrounding the GTH land deal. These individuals must be questioned under oath to see what they know about the over $21 million of taxpayer's money spent on this deal. Over $11 million of that went to two individuals who have business relationships or political relationships with the former Minister and are Sask Party donors.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson states, “This further demonstrates the reason to send this case to Alberta Justice. It is obvious we can’t trust this government to do the right thing. If the Sask Party has nothing to hide, why are they preventing people directly involved in this land deal from speaking to the Public Accounts Committee?”

Swenson continued, “The only way we will ever get to the bottom of this fiasco is with the power of subpoena. Alberta Justice would be a non-partisan entity with the ability to conduct a forensic audit and would also have the judicial power to subpoena people who are either unwilling to speak to this issue or are under gag orders by the Sask Party government. The Sask Party Justice Minister who stopped this deal once then let it go through Cabinet for an extra $5.2 million without a blink of an eye also refuses to answer questions that his department should be responsible for”.

Swenson concluded, “I would think a government with nothing to hide would want every opportunity to have the truth presented to the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. So why does the Wall government take every opportunity to give the appearance they are trying to suppress the truth?”

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