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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding the Sask Party government release the names of the members who sat on Cabinet’s Land Purchase Committee during the time of the land deal in question regarding the Global Transportation Hub (GTH).

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson says “This committee was formed after the first sale to the mystery caller fell through, and was put in place to ensure due diligence for future land purchases. If there was due diligence, how could the committee allow the GTH to pay even more for the land than would have been paid in the botched attempt. I think the taxpayers of Saskatchewan have the right to know which members of the cabinet served on this committee and allowed the government to waste millions of taxpayers’ dollars.”

“The government is blocking the Publics Accounts Committee from questioning former CEOs of the GTH from answering questions. Perhaps they will allow the members of the Land Purchase Committee explain why they allowed this deal to go through.”

“This scandal has been in the news for some time, and bit by bit the truth seems to be finding its way out.” says PC Party Leader Rick Swenson. “Monday, the Provincial Auditor stated that the audit ‘did not conclusively state that there was no conflict of interest, fraud or wrongdoing with respect to these land transactions related to GTH.’ The Wall government has spent the entire legislative session misinterpreting the auditor’s report.”

Swenson concluded “I’ve said it many times before, if they have nothing to hide, why do they appear to be working so hard to hide it? They can start by naming the committee members.”

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