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Through mismanagement and incompetence, the provincial government has allowed the deficit to balloon from an estimated $434 million in the June budget to over $1 billion. This is money Saskatchewan taxpayers and families will have to carry the burden of paying for decades.

Rick Swenson stated “Before the Premier implements any public service layoffs or wage roll backs, the PC Party demands that the Sask Party government claw back the excessive monies paid on the GTH land deal. The Sask Party’s own Department of Highways was prepared to expropriate these lands for $35,000 per acre. Bill Boyd’s friend and a Sask Party insider were paid $103,000 per acre, far in excess of that amount. The excess the government paid is nearly $14 million. That’s money that could go a long way to keeping portions of our health care system functioning at a high level.”

Swenson concluded, “The taxpayers of Saskatchewan trusted the Sask Party government with their money in last April’s election. Mr. Wall and his political friends have abused that trust. It’s time to get the money back.”

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