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PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson, is very pleased that the PC Party election platform on abolishing the regional health authorities has been recommended to the government by its special committee and adopted by the Sask Party government. “The consolidation to one Provincial Health Authority and the corresponding accountability to the Legislative Assembly is a tremendous step in the right direction” said Swenson.

“Hopefully the Sask Party government will move on the recommendations in an expedient manner. The PC Party wants the government to define how the Health Quality Council will remain strong and independent of government and hopes that the government will look at the PC Policy of establishing elected patient advisory committees at the community level.”

“The PC Party would also like to see the upcoming negotiations on doctor remuneration and the existing pay for service schedules to be part of health care renewal in the province. Physicians need to play a major role in this transformation to accountability and their remuneration levels and structures are also part of the process of renewal and patient care.”

Swenson concluded “The winners today are the patients in Saskatchewan’s medical facilities and their families, and the taxpayers of this province who will see accountability back in the Legislative Assembly instead of in the hands of politically appointed boards and bureaucrats.”



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