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“If the Sask Party government would have taken the PC Party’s suggestion of having the Regina bypass follow a northern route and save $1 billion dollars, we wouldn’t be having the Premier hinting that there will be layoffs and wage roll backs in the public service.” Those are the sentiments of PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

“Originally the cost of the bypass was estimated at $400 million. Since then, the cost has quintupled to $2 billion. Before the election, we offered a solution to the bypass that would have saved $1 billion and taken more large trucks off Victoria Avenue East. Instead, the Sask Party chose to cater to their political friends and now taxpayers will have to carry the burden of all this extra debt for 30 years to come.”

Swenson continued, “In addition to the bypass cost overruns, Mr. Wall and his cabinet have not told us how much the monthly payments are going to be over the next 30 years. During the last campaign the PC Party raised the issue of Mr. Wall’s P3 projects adding to the deficit of the province. The Sask Party government to date has not accounted for the true cost of this project and other P3s. Taxpayers need to know how much per month they will be paying for Mr. Wall’s flawed route which includes the GTH land scandal.”

Swenson concluded, “The taxpayers of Saskatchewan trusted the Sask Party government with their money in the last election campaign. Mr. Wall and his friends have abused that trust.”

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