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“Teachers, nurses and others in the public service are in danger of having their wages cut or possibly even having positions cut due to the many mistakes by the Sask Party government.” That is the opinion of PC Party leader, Rick Swenson.

“The Premier and his Sask Party government have spent $1.5 billion on a carbon capture system that doesn’t come close to eliminating the amount of carbon they said it would. In addition, they have paid Cenovus, a Calgary oil company and major Sask Party Donor, nearly $20 million in contract penalties for not providing enough carbon dioxide.”

Swenson went on to say “Why would the government negotiate a contract with penalties for not meeting quotas, before they knew they could meet the quotas? This is just another example of how the Wall government has mismanaged taxpayers’ money.”

“If the Premier is really willing to make the ‘tough decisions’ as he tells the media, he would stop sinking money into his pet project, renegotiate the CO2 contract and put the money saved into education and health care.”

“The PC Party proposal to use the waste heat and CO2 from our coal and gas fired power plants to grow fruits and vegetables would cost a fraction of the money paid in penalties to Cenovus.”

“If this project were as a wonderful as the Premier tries to make is sound, we might be talking surplus and new jobs instead of deficit.”

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