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Despite an overwhelming majority of submissions rejecting the idea of further school board amalgamations, the Sask Party government is suggesting they may ignore the will of the people and move forward with province wide amalgamation.

“This shows that the Sask Party government is once again taking the taxpayers of Saskatchewan for granted.” That is the opinion of PC Leader, Rick Swenson. “The Sask Party feels their support is so strong they can ignore the people of this province. I think the upcoming by-election is going to show that is not the case.”

Wall’s government has spent millions on consultants and public consultations. It makes no sense to ignore the will of the people. If their plan was always to amalgamate, why waste all that money on a dog and pony show? A government that does not listen to taxpayers is not an effective government.”

“The government is misleading the province on this one” says Swenson. “Because of the large administrative costs, politically appointed boards and duplication of services in the health regions, we promoted eliminating them in the April 2016 election campaign. The government endorsed the PC Party recommendation by announcing their intention to amalgamate the health regions into a single entity. This does not mean we support the same for school boards.”

Further amalgamations of school boards will not create meaningful, additional administrative savings. In addition, school boards are governed by elected individuals. They are not political appointees. School boards are hopefully going to make decisions based on what is best for their students despite the continuing cuts that are being made to their funding.”

Swenson concluded “Let’s think of the students. Their education should always be our first priority. Educating our students should be considered an investment in the future of this province. I guess like many other areas, the Wall government lacks vision in education too.”

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