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The Progressive Conservative Party recommends Brad Wall should wear Flip Flops to his 2017 budget. Grant Schmidt speaking as the President of the P.C. Party said, “The P.C. Party’s worst fear that Brad Wall would blow the great commodities boom has come true.”

Brad Wall has flipped on Government spending and flopped on fiscal management. For 27 years the P.C. Party has advocated structural change to our tax system. The P.C. Party has been consistent in pointing out cyclical commodities prices are not reliable in sustaining our health, education, and social services systems.

The modern Progressive Conservatives solution always has been to harmonize the PST and GST. Changing taxes has not been popular. The P.C. Party lost an election on this issue, however, we were right all along.

Schmidt said, “The first step to cleaning up Wall’s fiscal mess is a phased-in harmonization.”

The P.C.s caution against a full implementation of harmonization as it would give business tax cuts in excess of $200 million. A tax cut to business is not affordable in the near future.

Schmidt concludes by pointing out harmonization would not affect agriculture and would not increase input costs. Harmonization would be revenue neutral for farmers.

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