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The Progressive Conservative Alternative has called the Saskatchewan Party budget devious and mean spirited. Grant Schmidt speaking as P.C. Party President said, “any fool can govern in a boom; it takes wisdom and empathy to manage a bust.”

The P.C.s say it was mean spirited to the low income residents of 253 rural towns to wipe out their bus and freight service.

The P.C.s agree that the STC business model has to be changed. The problem is Brad Wall has no alternate plan. Rural towns are struggling with depopulation and economic decline. There was no boom in rural Saskatchewan.

Schmidt said the P.C.s would try to turn STC into a franchise with rural owner operators. To sell off the Regina and Saskatoon infrastructure hubs gives private operators no hope of setting up an alternate bus and freight network.

The P.C. alternative says the Wall plan is mean spirited to STC employees. The alternative is to offer other government and crown jobs to fired STC employees.

Schmidt said, “it shows Brad Wall’s CEO ability that in 10 years he could not figure out how to run a bus company started by Douglas which Thatcher and Devine did not destroy.”

The P.C.s say the Wall budget is devious because Wall is still running two sets of books. The Government has a separate deficit of $1.6 billion in the Saskatchewan Builds Capital Plan which covers his leased schools, hospitals, care homes, and Regina By-pass.

There is $500 million borrowed for the Regina By-pass. Something doesn’t add up. Wall needs $103 million on October 31st for a balloon lease payment. Where is the remaining $397 million going? Can the land over run and lease payments be $397 million in 2017?

Schmidt concluded, “Brad Wall’s real deficit is $1.6 billion. The P.C.s will continue their investigation into the GTH and the Regina By-pass mess.

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