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“The Sask Party government’s announcement of the ten member board of directors for the new Saskatchewan Health Authority shows once again this government has very little respect for the taxpayers of Saskatchewan. Where are the new ideas and where are the new people?” That is the opinion of PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

“The PC Party campaigned on the elimination of the Health Regions to bring Ministerial accountability back to health care. Instead the Sask Party Government has chosen to put an entity between the Minister and the people of Saskatchewan’s health needs. The Sask Party has once again recycled supporters from other Order in Council appointments to oversee our biggest budget item and most pressing need.”

All ten members of this board were appointed without any input from the public. The Minister announced the names of the board of directors without any background information about their qualifications and experiences which would tell the public why they are suitable to serve on this board and neglected to mention that most are Sask Party donors.”

“If the time comes when things are going sideways in health care, will these people be prepared to stand up to the government and force them to do the right thing? Are these board members prepared to resign if the government refuses to listen to reason, or will they agree to support every whim of this government as previous boards did with the Lean program and John Black and associates blowing our money?”

Swenson concluded, “Saskatchewan’s largest budget item deserves more respect than this appointment process by this Sask Party government and the health of Saskatchewan’s residents deserves ministerial accountability not recycled party friendly board members running political interference for the government.”

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