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The Progressive Conservative Party is demanding the Wall Government immediately release the list of 36 communities who will have their affordable seniors housing apartments sold.

P.C. Party President, Grant Schmidt, was a Cabinet minister who worked with Bill McKnight, the P.C. Federal minister to have most of these affordable seniors apartments built. The Grayson building was the prototype.

Schmidt said, “These seniors apartments were built 30 years ago and should be paid for. The sale is a cash grab by a desperate Government.”

To date, Grayson, Dysart, Abernethy, and Lemberg have been notified their seniors affordable housing apartments will be sold. Schmidt said that leaves 32 communities somewhere in Saskatchewan uncertain if their seniors housing will be sold.

Schmidt said, “Thousands of seniors all over Saskatchewan are living with the threat of having to move or pay higher rent and they don’t even know if this affects them.”

He concluded by observing, “this is another Wall financial panic reaction without a plan just like the STC destruction all caused by the leased $2 billion dollar Regina By-pass.”


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