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"Premier Wall's decision to leave public life, I'm sure, was not an easy one”, says Leader Rick Swenson. “Mr. Wall has been involved in politics all of his adult life and certainly knows that no politician should stay forever."

The PC Party wishes him well in his future endeavours but also expects before he leaves office he will bring to a definitive conclusion some very large issues which developed under his leadership as Premier of the province. His government needs to open the books and cooperate totally with every agency including the Legislative Assembly on the GTH land scandal.

Swenson adds, "the people involved in the GTH scandal were all appointed under his authority and the monies expended were authorized by Mr. Wall's various cabinets. The public also needs to know the total cost of Mr. Wall's P3 projects before he leaves office as the province will be paying the bills for 30 years after Mr. Wall is officially gone from the Premier's chair. Saskatchewan cannot have the situation where a newly-elected Sask Party Premier who will not have an electoral mandate of their own tries to tell the public in the future that these expenditures were the responsibility of his or her predecessor and therefore they can't answer for the decisions that were made under Mr. Wall's watch."

Mr. Wall's departure on Face Book this morning was full of taking credit for the good things in Saskatchewan over the last 10 years . It shouldn't be burdensome for Mr. Wall to bring most of his outstanding files to a conclusion so that everything is on the record for whatever legacy Mr. Wall has left to the people of Saskatchewan.

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