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Before Premier Wall leaves office, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is once again demanding that he immediately launch a Judicial Review into the goings on at the Global Transportation Hub.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson stated, “Last fall, in two separate new releases, the PC Party of Saskatchewan called for an investigation by an out of province, special prosecutor, one with the ability to conduct a full forensic audit, including the judicial power to subpoena people and their financial records.  In the past the Department of Justice has worked with other jurisdictions to provide this necessary service to each other. The PC Party believes that this process is the only way the complete truth will be revealed about the GTH scandal”. 


Justice Minister Wyant initially “red flagged” conflict of interest concerns surrounding the GTH land deal, only to cave into the political pressures and allow the deal to proceed anyway. With his eye now focused on the Sask Party Leadership, it is clear that neither Mr. Wyant, nor anyone else in Sask Party Government can be trusted to get the real answers at the GTH and this is why an out of province investigator is needed.

Swenson continued, “The events of the past few days have been incredible to watch, and re-enforce the need for a judicial inquiry.  Both the Premier and former Minister responsible for the GTH, Mr. Boyd are resigning, new troubling allegations against Mr. Boyd have surfaced  and just yesterday,  Former Minister “No Wrong doing Here” Harrison, threw both the Premier and Mr. Boyd under the GTH bus, even while still refusing to see the need for any further investigation. Enough is simply enough”.

Swenson concluded, “Premier Wall says it is “time for renewal”, well calling for a judicial inquiry at the GTH would be a great place for renewal to begin. I call upon Premier Wall to do the right thing, regardless of how politically uncomfortable it may be for the Premier, Justice Minister Wyant, or for all others who are out to replace him. Taxpayers have a right to know the truth and justice must be served”.

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