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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is asking for the resignation of Premier Wall, after learning the truth concerning the Global Transportation Hubs conflict of interest rulings.

PC Party Leader Rick Swenson stated, “Yesterday was a sad and troubling day for Saskatchewan voters. First, we learned that Former Minister Boyd was facing charges related to his irrigation investment scheme.  Then, later we learned even more troubling news, which should concern us all.

For months the Premier and his Ministers have been saying that former Minister Boyd had been cleared by the Conflict of Interest Commissioner of any conflict of interest concerns surrounding the GTH land scandal.

In a February 2016 article, two months before the general election, Mr. Boyd said he approached the Conflict of Interest Commissioner, who ruled in his favour. At that time Premier said he supported Mr. Boyd. In May of 2016, when asked in about the Conflict of Interest ruling, Premier Wall is quoted as saying, “When there were concerns about the individuals involved in the transaction side of the issue, the minister of his own volition went to the Conflict of Interest Commissioner and the Conflict of Interest Commissioner wrote … ‘I can state unequivocally that you, the minister, are not in breach of The Members’ Conflict of Interest Act”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “We know now that this was simply not true. The Conflict of Interest Commissioner was never asked to give an opinion related to any specific GTH land purchases, he was only asked by Mr. Boyd for an opinion on his Kindersley farmland arrangement, with one of the men involved in the GTH land deals. It is clear that the voters of Saskatchewan were lied to before the election, impacting their decision on the ballot, and have been lied to again after the election”.

Swenson concluded, “Public Trust is paramount for any government, with his actions and that of his government, Premier Wall has breached that Public Trust and confidence. I am calling upon him to do the honourable thing and resign as Premier immediately”.

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