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The Global Transportation Hub (GTH) has officially now moved from a scandalous Sask Party nightmare to a taxpayer catastrophe and perhaps the greatest financial boondoggle in Saskatchewan’s history.  Yesterday’s revelations that the GTH is unable to pay its debts and is generating approximately 90 percent less revenue than budgeted year over year was a surprise to some but not to the PC Party of Saskatchewan.

“Unfortunately for the taxpayers of this province, the PC Party has to say “we told you so” on this one.  During the 2016 election, we told the media and voters of Saskatchewan that the GTH along with many P3 projects (including Regina and Saskatoon’s new joint use schools) were paid for with money we couldn’t afford to borrow”, said Rick Swenson, Leader of the PC Party.  Mr. Swenson went on to say, “We knew during the election and it’s even more evident today that the Sask Party has been dishonest for years about the true state of Saskatchewan’s finances.”

Mr. Swenson added, “While the GTH itself is a financial mess, when you combine it with the $2 billion Regina Bypass project built on the premise that the GTH would create massive traffic growth and be one North America’s busiest inland ports, it looks ten times worse.  What the taxpayer is now left with is a GTH that doesn’t generate enough revenue to sustain itself and a highway to nowhere that we can’t afford to pay for”

“For ten years, taxpayers watched as Brad Wall railed against bad NDP investments and brought up Spudco every chance he got.  Spudco looks like small potatoes now”, said Swenson.  “We can talk about the financial failure of the GTH and the misguided construction of the Regina Bypass but the real scandal is still unfolding in the Wall government.  So far, the government's rich friends seem to have made more money buying and flipping land around the GTH than the facility has.  I wonder which one of the government's friends will get the GTH property for 10 cents on the dollar when the new Sask Party Premier bales out of this mess."

The Sask Party government continues to be secretive about all aspects of the GTH and the Regina Bypass project.  Unfortunately, it appears the only way we’ll get the answers taxpayers deserve is through a judicial inquiry where the Cabinet and Deputy Ministers responsible for this boondoggle will be compelled testify under oath. 

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said, “Brad Wall came to power promising to be different but as it turns out, his parting gift to the province will be a sea of bad investments and scandal much like the NDP government he so fervently railed against.  The only difference between this government and its NDP predecessors is that instead of barns full of rotten potatoes, Wall's gift to the taxpayer is a GTH with no revenue, a highway with no use and billions of dollars of future debt.  Maybe a few rotten potatoes weren’t so bad after all”.