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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is demanding that the Wall government release all documents and industry reports surrounding the deadly H2S gas leaks that occurred in south eastern Saskatchewan.

“Like everyone else in Saskatchewan, I was in a state of shock, anger and disbelief to learn that the Wall government failed to respond and warn the public about a deadly threat of H2S gases that are leaking across the province” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “Sadly, and to no one’s surprise, this occurred under the watch of former Minister of the Economy, Bill Boyd.  It is one thing for the Premier and the Sask Party to deflect and cover up fiscal scandals that happened under Mr. Boyd’s watch, however when a life has been lost and the health of others in south east Saskatchewan has been put in jeopardy, this is where everyone must say enough is enough.  I ask the Premier, given all problems and incompetence surrounding Mr. Boyd, why was he still part of your Cabinet and trusted as your most powerful Minister?”

“As a former Energy Minister, what I find the most troubling is the fact that even after a tragic death and incident reports of others exposed to unsafe levels of H2S gases, there was still no public statement from the government.  As Energy Minister, you are responsible to promote the resource but also to be a responsible regulator and honest broker.  If the allegations are proven true, what has happened with H2S releases in Saskatchewan is no longer negligence, it could be criminal negligence." 

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said, “It’s time for the Premier and industry to release all information surrounding H2S gas leaks. There are families whose lives have been impacted forever by sour gas.  They, along with everyone in Saskatchewan, deserve to know why and how this happened and why this can never happen again under any government's watch”.

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