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With the TransCanada decision not to proceed with the Energy East pipeline, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling for an expansion of refining capabilities in western Canada and a change in the federal regulatory environment.    

"Yesterday's decision not to proceed with the Energy East pipeline and rely on foreign "conflict oil" for eastern Canada is very disappointing news for Saskatchewan and all Canadians, ” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “It is ironic that the Energy East pipeline, which would have added value to Canadian oil and created jobs for Canadian workers while  guaranteeing energy self-sufficiency is now shelved.  The Keystone XL Pipeline which will send our oil to Texas refineries to add value and grow USA jobs, is approved by our government even though it has the same quality standards as Energy East would have.  President Trump must be ecstatic, he reneges on NAFTA and is now guaranteed cheap Canadian oil for decades.   

With the demise of Energy East, perhaps now is the time to explore partnerships with industry, First Nations and municipalities to expand refining capacity in Saskatchewan.  I was part of a Progressive Conservative government in Saskatchewan which understood the need to add value to our raw resources.  Under a PC government, Saskatchewan saw the addition of two heavy oil upgraders.”   

In conclusion, Mr. Swenson said “It's time to stop the finger pointing and look for solutions.  Adding value here at home is the right thing to do for jobs and the Canadian economy.  What is needed now is vision, partnership and leadership - not the cheap politics of political bottom-feeders like Denis Coderre, the Mayor of Montreal."

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