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With recent revelations that Finance Minister Donna Harpauer instructed the use of private email servers, with the sole purpose of sheltering government documents from the Freedom of Information Act, the PC Party of Saskatchewan is calling on Premier Wall to ask for her resignation from Cabinet.

"In Saskatchewan, Freedom of Information laws are in place to ensure that the public has access to all government related documents. In an open and free society, transparency in government is a cornerstone of democracy.  For some time now, the Sask Party government has been caught up in a state of secrecy and cover-up, which must come to an end now” said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “During the GTH land scandal investigations, requests for information through the Freedom of Information rules were met with delays and exorbitant costs, all with the sole purpose of preventing damaging information from ever seeing the light of day. Then, this week we learn that Minister Harpauer directed the use “private” email servers, so that sensitive information would be entirely sheltered Freedom of Information act scrutiny”.

In conclusion, Mr. Swenson said “Before the 2016 General Election the Sask Party deliberately mislead voters on the true state of the province’s finances, despite accurate warnings from the PC Party. Voters deserved to know that truth in April of 2016, just as they deserve to know the truth today. Given her shaky track record on disclosure and transparency, it is clear that Ms. Harpauer is not fit to serve as Minister of Finance or frankly, in any other ministry. It is time for the Premier to show some leadership and ask for her resignation immediately”.

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