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Taxpayers of the province should be prepared to shell out for a costly Halloween treat today, all thanks to their Sask Party government.

“Tonight, when people of Saskatchewan are handing out Halloween treats, one thing they need to know is that at the same time, their government will be handing out a $103 million Halloween treat for the consortium building the Regina bypass. The trick will be, how will the rest of us will pay for it over the next 30 years”, said PC Party Leader Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “There has been no mention of these payments or how we will come up with the cash to make them, especially with ongoing deficit budgets which are now a reality for the rest of this Sask Party government's term in office.

The PC Party in the coming days, months and years will attempt to be part of the solution with good policy and ideas and hopefully our government will start to listen or I'm sure the protests will get larger and louder”.

In conclusion Mr. Swenson said "The Regina Bypass has been getting a lot of attention, mostly for the wrong reasons. The design for the by-pass was based on a European model, and it didn’t take long to realize that large transport units and farm equipment just didn’t fit. Something else that just doesn’t fit is the government’s calculations on what the final costs will be.

The Sask Party tricked voters before the 2016 election and unfortunately, their tricks will continue this Halloween and for years to come”.

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