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The PC Party of Saskatchewan is pleased announce the conclusion of another successful Annual General Meeting and convention.  Political scientist, Dr. Joe Garcea was a guest lecturer for the AGM and gave an informative talk on Saskatchewan politics in general.

  “In addition to planning and policy development, delegates discussed a formal CODE OF ETHICS for the party, which would apply to all elected and hired personnel of the Party and those seeking election. The Code of Conduct would ensure that the principles, goals, Constitution and policies of the P.C. Party of Saskatchewan would be maintained. Ethics in politics has been a cornerstone of my political life, and I am extremely pleased that a formal Code of Conduct was adopted by our membership”, said PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson.

Mr. Swenson went on to say, “The membership took the opportunity to discuss a variety of policy topics. Delegates also began setting action plans for the upcoming Kindersley by-election and potentially others to come soon”.

P.C. Party President, Grant Schmidt, is pleased delegates are committed to building a new political party. He said, “The Devine Conservative Party is now the Saskatchewan Party, as forces of evil in the Devine government moved into the Saskatchewan Party and took over.”

The Party President said, “The new Progressive Conservative Party has plans to be a modern conservative party, rebuilding on an “incentivist” policy foundation.” The new P.C. Party would define “incentivism” in 2018.

 I was extremely pleased and encouraged to see great representation from the PC Party Campus organization at this year’s AGM. This meeting begins the next step in our rebuilding; we are working towards electing a modern Conservative government”.

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