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The PC Party of Saskatchewan congratulates Scott Moe on his election as Premier Designate.

After the election of the new Premier, PC Leader, Rick Swenson, had this to say “I would like to congratulate Scott Moe on his victory and remind him that he should enjoy his win while he can, the party will be short lived”.

Mr. Swenson went on to say “in a matter of days, at least one by-election will be called in Saskatchewan, and the new Premier will need to explain to taxpayers why his government wasted $1 billion dollars of their money at the Regina by-pass and the how they allowed scandal and mismanagement to happen at the GTH.

The Premier and his government must also come clean on secret monthly lease payments for P3 hospitals, schools and by-passes.  It is clear that the Sask Party is running two sets of books, theirs and one of hidden deficits”.

In closing, Mr. Swenson said, “We invite all those who are interested in helping clean up the Sask Party mess, to join us. Working together, we can make a positive difference, without going back to the NDP!”

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