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The PC Party of Saskatchewan would like to congratulate our new Premier and new ministers on their appointments, however we believe this new cabinet offers very little of the promised renewal.

PC Party Leader, Rick Swenson had this to say, “Today we see a number of old faces in this new cabinet. This should raise questions about the performance of cabinet ministers. Questions such as; how badly do you have to perform to lose your cabinet posting?

To each returning Cabinet Minister, where were you when former Premier Wall signed the 2014 Order in Council giving Mr. Boyd the GTH green light? Why didn’t you just say, NO?

Why did you support the 2017 budget measures in the Legislature and then, during the leadership run, campaign to reverse most of the budget’s measures?”

Mr. Swenson went on to say “The cabinet cards may have been shuffled, but unfortunately we are being dealt the same loosing hand, from this tired government.

Since Mr. Wall announced his retirement, the Sask Party has talked a lot about renewal. If Premier Moe is really serious about renewal, his government could start by calling for an immediate judicial inquiry at the GTH (a position other leadership candidates campaigned on), they could come clean on secret monthly lease payments for P3 hospitals, schools and by-passes. Taxpayers deserve the truth”.

In closing Mr. Swenson said, “As we head into by-elections, the PC Party of Saskatchewan calls upon voters in those ridings who are interested in honest renewal and better government, to elect PC Party MLAs to the Saskatchewan Legislature. Working together, we can make a positive change, without going back to the NDP!”

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