The PC Party of Sask has embarked on an aggressive going forward agenda for the fall. Since the resignation of Mr. Victor Teece as President at the end of July, the Party has adopted an 8 point plan which will culminate in a Leadership vote in 2023. An interim President has been selected in the person of long-time party activist Rick Swenson who will preside until  the Party elects a new Executive at its next AGM . The date and location for the AGM will be set in the next few weeks. The 8 point plan includes the hiring of a full time party manager- exec director. The hiring ad closes on the 15th of Sept so anyone interested or someone you know who  might be a good fit please get a resume into Party at www. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone Rick at 306-631-5461. The Party will also selecting a Interim Leader in the near term to see the Party through to the selection of an elected leader in 2023.

                A very important part of this going forward agenda will be the modernization of the Party constitution at the next AGM. The constitution the Party currently operates under stipulates that a draft of a new one must be in the hands of members 45 days in advance of the meeting. It is therefore very important that the Party's email lists of members and prospective members be updated. If you are a current member or a lapsed member who are planning to renew for the AGM, please send us your most current email address as we wish to begin weekly contact with our membership as we move through this aggressive 8 point agenda.  Thank you. 

Your PC Party Executive