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Bill C-21; Turning Law-abiding Canadians into Criminals

Jan 9, 2023 | News

The Trudeau Liberal’s Bill C-21, including recently announced amendments that outlaw many common firearms, will turn many ordinary, law abiding Canadians into criminals. Farmers, sport shooters, collectors and hunters all face potential criminal charges for possessing guns and will do little to tame gun violence. These guns have been mischaracterized as “assault-style weapons” when in fact, in most cases, we are talking about old, single shot shotguns for duck hunting or rifles that are good for little outside of the shooting range or eliminating the odd coyote or gopher – definitely NOT military -style assault weapons.

Handguns, despite being heavily restricted since 1934, accounted for 75% of all firearm-related robberies and 60% of homicides in Canada in 2020. In most cases, those guns entered Canada illegally. In fact, Canada’s gun violence is the result of a combination of an influx of illegally smuggled firearms and increasing gang activity in larger urban centres in Eastern Canada. Bill C-21 does very little to address the real causes of gun crime in Canada. Instead, the federal Liberal government has chosen to outlaw grandpa’s 50-year old, single shot 22.

Solutions require more resources for law enforcement to deal with illegal cross-border gun smuggling and urban gang violence. We need harsher penalties and more vigorous prosecution of violent gun crimes. We need more resources for education and mental health supports. Instead of dealing with the real criminals, the federal Liberals seek to turn law abiding citizens of Canada into criminals.


Rose Busholl


The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

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