Executive Committee Meeting - Sept 24/2022

  • Format for choosing Interim Party Leader approved. Applications available on the Party's website. One confirmed applicant already - Rose Buscholl (past candidate Humboldt-Watrous constituency). 
  • Next Annual General Meeting to be held in Saskatoon in the March 20th to April 7th, 2023 timeframe. Lori Isinger to Chair Convening Committee.
  • Paul Carroll (past candidate Estevan) to Chair Constitutional Update Committee.
  • Presentation by Rose Buscholl and Lori Isinger from the Accountability Group. Topics discussed were formation of Ethics Committee, Constitutional Committee, Membership issues of former members, Interim Leader selection, expansion of Executive Committee and AGM site and date.
  • Reform of membership application process, updating of membership email lists and new communication tools.
  • Interview process is underway for a new Party Manager-Executive Director and will conclude by the end of September.