Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader Buscholl calls Premier Moe a “Bully” for Recent Negative Ad Texts Sent to Saskatchewan Residents

May 1, 2024 | News

Allan, SK–Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rose Buscholl is not impressed with Premier Moe’s Sask Party latest trend of texting Saskatchewan residents negative political advertisements.

“Take away the issue of how they got all those cell phone numbers to begin with,” stated Buscholl, “the pure cajónes it takes to do this before an election has even been called is just ridiculous. Its not just their supporters but random people by the tens of thousands. One can easily call this bullying.”

“Who paid for it?” asked Buscholl. “The party? Or did it come from government coffers? Further, was the procuring of mass cell phone numbers made under the party name or government? For the sake of accountability, we have a right to know.”

Early last week thousands of residents of the province received at least one text on their phone from the Saskatchewan Party. The content was that of painting Sask NDP Leader Carla Beck as a lackey of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This is the first attempt at communicating with voters via mass text at the provincial level of politics in Saskatchewan. That it was a “hit” piece has made it even more notorious, especially by using the Prime Minister as a strawman….a familiar go-to for Premier Moe.

“Yes, this is a new, modern way to campaign,” Buscholl asserts. “But there should be no such campaign at the moment because the writ has not been dropped. Just a pile of money spent by our Premier and his cronies to roll around in the political mud.”