Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader Buscholl to Premier Moe: “Your Government Are a Pack of Bullies and Your Time is Up?”

May 20, 2024 | News

Saskatoon, SK–Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rose Buscholl is calling out the Premier Scott Moe government’s antics towards Legislative Speaker Randy Weekes as bullying and unbecoming a party of elected officials.

“Speaker Weekes has bravely come forward to expose the Premier’s government for what it really is,” stated Buscholl. “Premier Moe, your team is nothing but a pack of bullies and your time is up!”

On Wednesday night (May 15th), Weekes posted the picture of his membership card cut in two on his social media accounts with the caption “enough is enough.” At the end of legislative proceedings on Thursday, Weekes gave a 10-minute speech lambasting his former colleagues for alleged bullying and harassment towards him. While several incidents were described, the most outlandish may be accusations that government House leader Jeremy Harrison had brought a hunting rifle into the building and wanted to bring in a handgun.

“Folks in Saskatchewan have been fed an almost daily diet of scandals and corruption by this government for some time now. But this one takes the cake,” Buscholl asserted. “These actions are indefensible, outlandish, and even criminal if they can be definitively substantiated. This is a huge embarrassment for the province and the final nail in the coffin for this group. Their time absolutely is up.”