Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader Buscholl to Premier Scott Moe: “If You Won’t Fix the Damn Road, We Will!”

May 30, 2024 | News

Regina, SK–Citing it as a priority for a Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan government, leader Rose Buscholl is calling out the provincial Premier Scott Moe’s inability to find the resources to fix Highway 123, the lifeline of the Saskatchewan North.

“It is incredible that the Sask. Party government spent billions on the Regina bypass and are breaking ground to do the same in Saskatoon,” stated Buscholl. “But in their 17 years in power they could not come up with the funds to at least pave Highway 123 to Cumberland House. Everyone knew this needed to be done for at least 20 years. Lack of action has once again been catastrophic for the communities of the North. A Progressive Conservative government WILL do the job.”

Indeed, multiple governments in Saskatchewan could have modernized Highway 123 but never did. The highway is the sole lifeline to many Northern communities. With rains washing out the lone road into the community last week, Cumberland House officials say they had no other option than to declare a state of emergency. This left the communities in desperate straights.

“The Northern communities deserve better than what they have been given,” Buscholl asserted. “This is not a new problem. Rather than treating it as a political football by both government and the opposition, just do something about it. If you won’t fix the road, we will!”