Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader Buscholl Unveils “Common Sense” Strategy on Managing Farmland Buying/Selling in Saskatchewan

May 24, 2024 | News

Regina, SK–At a press conference held at the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan office at 11am today, Leader Rose Buscholl announced her party’s plan to better manage farmland ownership in the province.

“The land and people are our greatest resource in the province,” stated Buscholl. “But more and more Saskatchewan land is now under the ownership of out-of-province and foreign entities.”

Buscholl went on to suggest that the current state of things is not inherently “bad or illegal,” just that it merits closer scrutiny to ensure the process is geared towards the greater good of the province and its people.

The PC leader went over several points where improvements could be made. These include modernizing the Saskatchewan Farmland Security Board in composition, powers, and to whom they report. Further, prospective buyers would need to sign an affidavit swearing they have residency in the province and corporations to list who their shareholders are. Finally, all farmland purchases are to be done in Canadian currency and/or its derivatives.

“Sadly, over the course of the 17-year Sask. Party reign we have seen a huge increase in land consolidation in the province which has nearly made the family farm as we know it obsolete,” Buscholl asserted. “But we can do better, so any resident of Saskatchewan who wants to farm has a fair shot.”