Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader Buscholl Urges Teachers to Read Carefully the Moe Government’s latest “Offer.”

Apr 23, 2024 | News

Humboldt, SK–Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rose Buscholl is urging the province’s teachers to “read carefully” the latest offer from the Premier Scott Moe government.

“The Premier and his Education Minister lackey, Jeremy Cockrill, are trying to pull a fast one here” stated Buscholl. “But just because they can manipulate a vote on an official offer, thanks to existing rules, does not mean it is a good one. They have a history of not following through with agreements unless they are written in stone and teachers know this firsthand.”

The Saskatchewan Teachers Federation announced late Wednesday afternoon the government-trustee bargaining committee has presented its final offer and that offer will be put to a ratification vote. In a news release, the government-trustee committee calls the proposed deal “a fair and reasonable settlement that will benefit teachers, families and students.”

However, teachers have correctly pointed out that it is missing at least one vital component: class size and complexity. The government refuses to bring it up to negotiation suggesting, it has never been a part of discussions in the past. But teachers rightly point out that this very thing has become part of bargaining agreements in many other provinces across the country. Further, the Sask Party government is notorious for reneging on “deals” that are not formally in contracts. The vote is expected to commence on May 8th and 9th.

“This government has dragged this out long enough, to the detriment of families and children,” Buscholl asserts. “Time to stop with the games and do the right thing. Offer a deal that actually makes sense for both sides. Can Premier Moe and Minister Cockrill do the right thing? Show us.”