Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Leader To Visit Picket Line to Support Sask Teachers One-Day Strike

Jan 15, 2024 | News

Regina, SK –Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan Leader Rose Buscholl will be in Regina Jan. 16, 2024, at the Legislature Building to visit the picket line in support of teachers striking across the province.

“It is time to negotiate a fair deal for the teachers,” states Buscholl. “It seems like the Sask Party is stalling so a deal can be brought forward in time for the provincial budget and be used as a talking point for the upcoming election this year.”

Negotiations between teachers and the Moe government came to a head on January 11th when Saskatchewan teachers announced the beginning of a five-day countdown leading up to a one-day provincewide strike on Tuesday, January 16. Teachers claim the province is negotiating in bad faith and stalling a possible amicable resolution. The government, for its part, suggests that the demands of the teachers are unreasonable.

“At what point will this government realize that our public education system, and most of all the students of this province, are the ones that will suffer the most from not striking a deal,” Buscholl asserts. “It’s time to quit intentionally misleading the public with billboards, look at the real numbers, and give our teachers a fair deal. We owe it to our teachers, and we owe it to our students.”