Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

PC Party of Saskatchewan President Resigns

Aug 22, 2022 | News

Victor Teece, PC Party President, has resigned his position effective July 23, 2022.

Victor was elected President at the Party’s AGM in January 2022.  Mr. Teece was a candidate in the 2020 election in the Last Mountain-Touchwood constituency for the PC Party. 

Victor looked forward to help build the Party for the next election.  Unfortunately, a combination of business pressures and health issues has convinced Victor that his role in rebuilding the PC Party will occur as a Party member rather than as its President.

“As President of the Party, working with other executive members, I think we have given the PC Party the opportunity to appeal to the vast majority of Saskatchewan voters”, said Mr. Teece.

The PC Party thanks Mr. Teece for his very important contributions since the last election and wishes him well.  The Party will be selecting an interim President in the next short while to fill out Mr. Teece’s term until the next AGM when members will elect a new executive committee.

For more information contact Rick Swenson, Interim President at (306) 690-4959 or (306) 631-5461.