Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan reacts to the mid-term financial report

Nov 29, 2023 | News


This spring during the reading of the budget 2023-2024, we kept hearing repeatedly the phrase “Growth that works for Everyone” and the Sask Party projected a billion-dollar surplus. Fast forward to today and now that surplus has turned into a 251-million-dollar deficit. The Sask Party is quick to point out that this is due to Potash sales being down or crop insurance claims being paid out due to drought but is this the case or is it poor planning and mismanagement of taxpayers’ dollars.

So far this year we have seen a $3099 increase per year to the base wage of a MLA (total base wage is now $106 000 compared to the average Saskatchewan salary of $47 760 per year), over $200 thousand to aid foreign countries since 2022, $1 million for Dubai trip, $172 000 for rooms in a MLA owned motel to which the Sask Party has denied a provincial audit to the room charges. These costs are just a few that we know about.
What about the ones now we don’t know. Cost of out of province travel this year, cost of in province flights, or the costs of misleading billboards across the province during by-elections regarding education (teachers still have no contract to this date), and finally the $7 million to set up a Saskatchewan Marshal Service, which will not be seen until 2026. These are just to name a few.
“At what point does the spending stop?” asks Rose Buscholl, Interim Leader for the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan, “at a time when cost of living is increasing and people are having a hard time affording the basic necessities. The frivolous spending needs to stop and we need to focus on the people of Saskatchewan.” Buscholl also added “It is not surprising that the Sask Party took the slogan ‘Growth that works for Everyone’ from the Federal Liberals, because the Sask Party (which claims to be a Conservative party) spends money like the Federal Liberals as well.” Buscholl finally stated “we cannot afford to keep this current government or our ineffective opposition anymore, it is time for a change,”


Rose Buscholl

Interim Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan