Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

Sask United Party: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Feb 28, 2023 | News

Recently the new Sask United Party had their big launch. There are items in their beliefs that are concerning to the Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan. One item that is troublesome is how they plan on reforming the education curriculum and removing “Ideologies” from it. We are concerned about what they feel are ideologies.  Is promoting inclusiveness an ideology? In fact, one of their guiding principles is they are in opposition an inclusive public-school curriculum. It is unfortunate and disturbing that teaching inclusiveness is considered an ideology to the Sask United Party. Teaching inclusiveness in the school curriculum promotes tolerance and understanding for all people in the province, country and the world. Besides isn’t the removing of what they call an “Ideology” not an Ideology in itself? The Sask United Party say they stand for the “family unit”, but based on their beliefs on what they call “Traditional Conservative Priorities” and the removal of “inclusive teaching” in the school system, how do they define a “family unit”? What do they model a family unit after? This is a question that needs to be answered, and when the question was asked it was ignored. The Sask United Party say they will stand up for the agriculture sector.  The residents of this province need to know what this entails. Especially knowing one of their members is the former Federal Agriculture Minister who helped in the privatization of the Canadian Wheat Board and used the producers money to help do this, as well as made changes without talking to producers first.  Is this a party you can trust in standing up for the agriculture sector in Saskatchewan? The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan think not. The Sask United Party is not what they appear to be. Rose Buscholl Interim Leader Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan