Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan

The Sask Party Gets a Failing Grade in Education

May 10, 2023 | News

The Sask Party seems to be out of touch when it comes to education and what is actually needed in Saskatchewan classrooms. They have obviously failed to do their homework on an important subject. Over the past decade the amount of funding from the Sask Party has been decreasing, and not keeping up with growing classroom sizes and inflationary costs. Student needs are being neglected due to underfunding.

The Sask Party has allocated 10.9 % of the provincial budget to the 27 school divisions which still leaves shortfalls.  This results in school divisions with fewer teachers, educational assistants, librarians, and other support staff due to underfunding.  At one time Saskatchewan was able to boast how it was first in per student funding. Now Saskatchewan sits eighth overall. Teachers’ salaries have been below the Consumer Price index five times over the past seven years. Recently the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation invited the education minister to speak and to address concerns at a rally. The minister declined the invitation. By not making an appearance the Sask Party shows its inclination to ignore the problem and appear not to be taking the education of Saskatchewan’s youth seriously.

The Progressive Conservative Party believes there are certain areas of funding that should never see budget cuts. Education is one of those areas. Education of our youth is vital for provincial growth and sustainability. The Progressive Conservative Party stands with Saskatchewan’s teachers and most of all we stand with our students. Overall the Sask Party gets a failing grade when it comes to education and needs to pay more attention to the education system.

Rose Buscholl

Interim Leader

The Progressive Conservative Party of Saskatchewan